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    Tuesday, 24 December 2013

    Black Santa Found Hiding at Macy’s – Alert Fox News’ Megyn Kelly! (Video)

    Fox News non-opinion host Megyn Kelly sparked outrage earlier this month when she declared to all of her young viewers that “Santa just is white,” but a new video proves there is at least one black Santa hiding in Macy’s extravagant Christmas display.
    Animal New York reporter Amy K. Nelson went to the Macy’s on 34th Street in NYC to search for the “special Santa” that had been rumored to be employed there, and she found him — after finding his Caucasian counterpart, first.
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    “There’s just one Santa,” the second Santa ruled.
    “Megyn Kelly seems to think otherwise,” Nelson responded in the video (above). “Have you heard of Megyn Kelly?”
    “I’ve heard of this story, but Santa hasn’t really had much time to sit down and watch TV,” Santa said. “This is the busiest time of the season.”
    See video: Stephen Colbert and Megyn Kelly Agree: Santa Is White
    Nelson’s real concern, however, was not proving Kelly wrong, but rather Macy’s and society’s”fear of a black Santa.”
    “There is a black Santa Claus at the Macy’s on 34th Street, but you won’t find him if you just follow the crowd to the 8th Floor Santaland exhibit to wait in line for the white one,” Nelson wrote. “That is because Macy’s doesn’t reveal black Santa’s location the way they do the white Santa.”

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