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    Thursday, 28 September 2017

    • If you believe this conversation occurred anywhere apart from inside the writer’s head, then you must also believe that Bobrisky and Toke Makinwa are twins

    For a while now, the controversial ‘Mr.’ that we have been seeing in the news has been
    Ghana’s Nigeria’s very own artiste and ‘London show’ pioneer, Mr. Eazi. From his comments about Nigerian artistes copying his sound to claiming he paved the way for Nigerian artistes in London, Mr. Eazi and his controversial views have been all over.
    However, it seemed that we all forgot about the Leg Over singer when we tuned in to Season 3 of Keeping Up With The Okoyes. Mr. Eazi spoke with this correspondent that know exactly how he felt about this and a other subjects during this interview.
    ME: I appreciate you granting me this interview, i know you’re busy with your shows and all. Your schedule must be crazy.
    MR. EAZI: Yeah, no shii na. My schedule is crazy yes but it wasn’t as crazy like before when all my Nigerian haters were blowing up my notifications. You know I even had to turn off my comments on IG?
    ME: Yes, I noticed. I guess you have Mr. P to thank for that.
    MR. EAZI: Joker! Hahahah! Me thank him? That guy stole my name and now he wants to steal my sound. You know what? I’m really tired of giving all these upcoming artistes relevance. Its very draining to be honest.


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    ME: Whoa…Peter Okoye stole your name and your sound? Have you heard any of his new music?
    MR. EAZI: Come on bro, come on. You cannot become the best journalist in the game if you can’t connect dots na. Do you think he came up with ‘Mr. P’ just like that? Come on! My girlfriend’s dog could figure that out.
    ME: I’m sorry. I really should have figured that out. But about the music, have you actually heard anything he’s making?
    MR. EAZI: Bro! Is this a joke? Are you all messing with me? No are you for real?
    ME: No..I…
    MR EAZI: Someone rips off your name, badly i might add, what’s the next thing on their list? Think bro! Think!
    ME: I’m sorry for not…umm..thinking…
    MR. EAZI: You know what you are?
    ME: A journalist?
    MR. EAZI: You ke?  I was a journalist for a brief period after I left my petroleum job. New York Times paid me six thousand euros for my music reviews! That’s journalism!
    ME: The New York Times paid you in euros? But New York is in America and in America…
    MR. EAZI: All of a sudden your brain is booting yeah? You know what? This interview is over. I should have spoken to EasterBlog instead.
    *Mr. Eazi stormed out.
    If you believe this conversation occurred anywhere apart from inside the writer’s head, then you must also believe that Bobrisky and Toke Makinwa are twins.

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