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    Tuesday, 26 September 2017

    Nollywood Actress, Mosun Filani Oduoye, who is an indigene of Ekiti State and one of the Nollywood stars whose marriage is desirable has revealed her love story and what attracted her to her husband.
    She also stated why her marriage to Osun politician-and-businessman, Barrister Kayode Oduoye is still intact. She had an interview recently with City People Magazine. See excerpts below…
     You have been able to maintain your good look despite having kids, what is the secret?
    It is God’s grace and nothing, but His grace. I knew I had to keep my youthful look not only for my husband, but for myself. I love to look good.
    How best can you describe your husband?
    My husband, Hon. Kayode Oduoye, is a gentleman, a caring father, who has a large heart. He is nice and a very generous man. To crown it all, my husband is very God fearing.
    What attracted you to him 5 years ago?
    Well, the first thing that attracts anybody should be, being a God-fearing person. Men, who are not God fearing may flirt and neglect you. Such men would do things that are against the will of God. So, if a man has the fear of God, every other thing will follow. Then to your question, the first thing that attracted me to him is his God-fearing nature.
    How did you meet?
    I met my husband in Abeokuta many years ago. Then, I was still living in Abeokuta, and on the first day, he told me straight that “I want to marry you”. I remember that I asked him, you want to marry me or date me. He said, he was not there to date, but to marry me. We have been married now for 5 years and still counting.
    Your husband is good looking and rich, how have you been able to cope in the last 5 years with his female admirers?
    Well, I think the mistake most celebrities make is to put their home in public. I have been able to make my marriage a success by keeping my home off public glare. I have been able to keep my home off social media. It is not that I don’t celebrate him on social media, but I have been able to keep my affairs away from social life. Keep your home from your job. I don’t bring a 3rd party into my home. We may go to social gathering together, my home is a no go area. You might meet my husband outside his home, but bringing a third party into my home, is no for me. That is my sacred place.
    What is Mosun Filani working on?
    I am working on a Movie entitled: “Iyawo Ile”. I am on the script, but I am shooting it before the year runs out by God’s grace.
    Are we going to see the likes of Funke Akindele on your New Movie?
    Well, let me keep my fans in view. I am picking my cast myself and this is because I have a view of what I want my movie to be like.
    What other things do you do aside acting?
    I am a brand ambassador for many brands. I am an ambassador for Unilever. I have a hair gallery called
    beauty and Hair gallery in Oshogbo. I have a beauty and cream line, and all our products are Organic. Very soon, I will be going into designer perfume in large stock.
    What has sustained your marriage?
    I will say God, Love and Trust have kept us going.
    What do you call your husband?
    We call ourselves baby.
    Your husband, Hon. Kayode Oduoye, is one of those contesting for Governorship seat in Osun, how do you intend to cope?
    I have been coping for 5 years, so why won’t I cope when he becomes the governor of Osun State. I know his people will need his attention, but I will present my case to him early in the morning or late at Night. He needs to serve his people.
    How have you been able to maintain your youthful look?
    I have many organic products that I use to maintain my look. When I feel there is need to diet, I do.

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