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25 Hottest Ankara Straight Gown Styles in 2017 (Photos)

Latest Ankara straight gowns are the excellent choice for creating both everyday casual looks and festive images. We present you a selection of the brightest designs’ photos. Ankara fashion is on top!
A dress is one of the most refined and feminine kinds of ladies’ clothes. If you are not sure about your choice of trousers, skirts, and blouses while creating a look for going out, then always select a dress. A great dress guarantees a stylish look. Dresses will certainly always be in trend.
Season 2017 presents us collections of dresses that delight the eye with a variety of colors, materials, prints, and ornaments. Undoubtedly, the classic straight dress of Ankara styles is a must-have for any Nigerian lady.

Latest Ankara styles

The bright Ankara fabrics are suitable for straight gown. Straight tailoring favorably highlights the beauty of each pattern of Ankara textiles.
Ankara straight dress has a laconic and minimalistic design. You can create many various looks with it. Beautiful Ankara styles are suitable for business and everyday life as well as creating casual, and street style looks. In cocktail or evening gowns with a straight cut, you can attend parties, celebrations, and social events.
Ankara straight gown is a unique design, which is suitable for a great variety of occasions. With the help of other wardrobe items and various accessories, you can create a wide range of unique looks with the same dress!
Ankara straight dress suits both tall and short stature girls. If you want to look taller, choose the right Ankara gown.
A straight dress is great for girls with such types of the figure as “rectangle” and “hourglass.” But the owners of “apple,” “pear” and “inverted triangle” figures should choose their styles carefully.
If you want to hide extra pounds – choose a straight dress with the most spacious tailoring. A straight dress with darker one-colored inserts on the sides will hide the excess volume on the waist and hips. Besides, a thin belt helps to emphasize the waist.

Variety of styles for trendy Ankara styles

Ankara gowns without sleeves

Sleeveless dress is an excellent option for a hot weather. If it’s cool, you can combine it with a thin turtleneck or blouse. Also, the majority of sleeveless and straight evening dresses are made for festive and official events and celebrations.

Free cut dresses

The free cut looks great on both plump and slim girls. It helps plump ladies to hide extra pounds and give slim girls a curvier shape.

Ankara gowns with short-sleeve

A straight dress with a short sleeve looks great in any season. The most common are office and cocktail straight gowns with short sleeves.

Ankara dresses with one-piece sleeves

In a dress with a one-piece sleeve, there is no seam along the armhole line. The front of the sleeve is one part of the dress bodice, and the back of the sleeve, respectively, with its back. Due to the lack of seams, a dress with a one-piece sleeve has a softer and more elegant outline in the shoulder line than others.

Straight dresses with pockets

Pockets can be found in simple everyday styles, as well as in elegant cocktail dresses. Pockets are usually located on the sides or the front of the skirt area.

Fitted dress

If you do not want to hide your figure with the classic straight cut, then you can choose a slightly fitted version of a straight dress.

Off-shoulder dresses

A straight gown with lowered sleeves creates an element of coquetry, playfulness, and tenderness in your look. Best of all, this style is suitable for a romantic date, a party with friends or a festive event.

Dresses with elastic band

A straight dress with an elastic band can be sleeveless or with open shoulders. Both models are most suitable for a hot season. This type of dress is good for walks, parties, meetings with friends, and trips to the beach.

Ankara straight dresses with raglan sleeves

A straight dress with raglan sleeves is perfect for creating an office, casual, and sweet looks.A one-piece stitched sleeve, coming from the collar, beautifully emphasizes the graceful line of women’s shoulders. In this outfit, you will look more feminine.

Everyday gowns

The straight dress is the most common style for a casual look. It’s simple, convenient, comfortable and doesn’t attract excessive attention. Everyday dress usually has knee-length or slightly higher, with classic or short sleeves.

Dresses with a straight yoke

A straight yoke is a common decoration of a woman’s dress. The yoke adds elegance, sophistication, and romance to a straight dress. It can be contrasted in colour or tone to the basic item. The best straight yoke can be found in mini and midi length dresses.

Straight dress-cases

No other kind of dress can emphasize femininity and advantages of woman’s figure as much as this particular style.
In 2017, the dress-case remains a hit of the season. Designers made it functional. That’s why, if you choose the right fabric and the length, you can put on such a dress for a cocktail party, an exquisite celebration and even an official situation.

Dresses length of unique Ankara styles


A straight dress of maxi length is the right choice for attending social events. You look refined and festive in it. The straight cut of the dress in combination with the maximum length visually draws your figure.

Up to the knees

A straight midi-length dress is ideal for wearing in everyday and business life. A knee-length dress is the best option for workdays. It is appropriate in any situation such as an an office, a walk with friends, party, shopping or a date. This dress length is the most universal.

Short dresses

A short straight dress is perfect for parties and walks, going to a club, a cafe, and a date.

Latest Ankara styles: trendy schticks of the season

An open back and one bare shoulder are in fashion this season. The dress neckline can be made rectangular, round or triangular according to preferences. Open shoulders are also in trend. The decolletage can be decorated with a large frill or several frills of different lengths.
Besides, you can make a cape for the dress. This addition at the top is balanced by a simple cut of the Ankara straight gown bottom.
If you sew a long dress, you may have a cut on the side or back. If you make a one-coloured dress, you can decorate the hem and sleeves with a piece of the patterned fabric.
If you want to make your figure more slender, you can use the inserts of monochrome fabric on the sides and place the fabric with ornament in the middle of the item. Fabric with small and soft ornament also helps to visually slim the figure. In this case, avoid bright colors and large geometric patterns.
If you have a plump bottom, sew a single-colored skirt for the dress and make the top colorful. Conversely, if the top is plump, then take a pastel one-color fabric for the bodice and let the bottom be bright and multicolored.
It is very trendy this season to combine Ankara fabric with lace. If you are a fan of experiments, add a lace trim on the sleeves or a lace insert on the skirt.You can also decorate the dress hemline or bodice with lace. The lace fabric does not have to be in the same colour range with the main Ankara textile. Let it be of another color, but it must suit the basic item. So, you can create an unusual and festive look with lace and beautiful Ankara styles.
And one more thing. For an office wardrobe, take Ankara fabrics of pastel colors and add a discreet ornament. And for leisure, choose fabrics of any brightest colors and with the most intricate fl0ral or geometric patterns.
Straight gowns can be made in unique Ankara styles . A wide range of colors and patterns make your looks bright and memorable.

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