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    Thursday, 28 December 2017

    Natural hair twist styles for long and short hair are trendy among Nigerian ladies. We hope that you can choose something appropriate from the many options presented here and create a beautiful look.
    Natural hair twist styles for long and short hair

    Twisting braids have always been very popular. Once a person braids her hair, it’s convenient and does not require regular styling. Braids have become diverse, practical, stylish and effective.
    Natural hair twist styles

    One of the African braids varieties is twists. Twists are perfect for styling natural hair of different lengths.
    African twists are not so difficult to make. They can be weaved quickly easily. The hairstyle consist of various twisted hair strands. If you want a beautiful hairdo, twists can be treated chemically and thermally. The total quantity of African twists sometimes reaches up to three hundred pieces.
    Natural hair twist styles for short hair
    Natural hair twist styles can be worn for several weeks. Also, this hairdo doesn’t require additional care, and it’s very convenient for a busy lady. For example, African twist styles for natural hair can be done when going on vacation. Besides, they are also great for a young mother who does not have a lot of time for herself. The hairstyle is very convenient because you don’t need to spend time on additional styling.
    Havana twist style

    Havana twist hair style
    Kinky twist style

    Kinky twist hairstyle
    Senegalese twist style

    Senegalese twist hairstyle

    Twist types

    There are several types of twist styles. The most popular ones are Havana, Kinky, and Senegalese twists. Havana and Kinky styles have larger twists than Senegalese styles. Usually, when they are made, Marley artificial hair is used. As for Senegalese twists, you can make them with your natural hair if its long enough.
    Twist style for natural hair

    Natural hair twist styles are very similar to the classic African braids, but they are not made from three, but from two strands of hair. Firstly, the two strands are individually twisted in one direction, and then twisted together, but in the opposite direction. The truth is, this weaving technique is not very practical and the duration of such hairstyle is less than in the case of the classic African braids. However, twist styles are much easier to make and loosen than braids.
    See some cool pictures of twist hairstyles:

    Twist style

    Natural hair twist and braid styles

    Natural hair twist style for short hair

    Natural hair twist style for long hair with a bun

    How to make twists?

    If you decide to make twists with your natural hair, you need to soften it a little. Before you start, wash your hair with a normal shampoo and untangle it with a wide teeth comb or an unraveling spray. Then dry your hair with a hairdryer.
    Twisted hair styling

    Don’t use hair oil. To weave twists properly, you need straight, not slippery hair.
    • Separate a small hair strand. Start by taking the hair from the base. The strand should be 1.25 mm wide or less.
    • Use small clips to remove the rest of the hair from the section you are working on.
    • Comb your hair.
    Twisted hair styling

    • Note that you must determine how thick you want your hair to be from the beginning as you can not do much about the effect later on.
    • Divide the strand into two equal parts.
    • Twist each part to the right until it begins to spin into the coil.
    • Begin from the roots and twist each strand over each other until you reach the tip of the hair.
    • Both strands should be twisted evenly.
    Strands twisting

    • Wrap the twisted strands around each other. Place the right strand on the left strand. Wind the twisted strands, laying them one on top of the other, then back and forth again.
    • Just continue to twist and wind in the same way, moving over and under on the right side until you reach the end of the two combined strands.
    • If everything is done correctly, you should get a fairly tight and strong twist.
    Long hair twisting

    • Repeat the procedure with the rest of the hair. Divide the remaining hair into strands of the same size as the previous ones, working with one strand at a time. Divide this strand into two parts and twist them along the entire length.
    • All strands should be approximately of the same size. Otherwise, your twists may look uneven and rough when you’re done.
    • Seal the hair tips in boiling water. It helps to make the twists last longer.
    • Let them dry.
    For all types of natural hair, it’s also recommended to lubricate the ends with hair oil.
    Twist style washing

    To keep African twists neat and attractive, wash them once a week. Wash the scalp with shampoo but use only water for the tips. It is not advisable to use hand dryer to dry the hair.
    Twist style with bun

    Twist styles

    So that you don’t get bored with twists, you can make different hairstyles with them.
    Here is a short list of the most popular:
    • twists braided into one or thick braid;
    • a high ponytail of assembled twists;
    • a shell or bun made of twists;
    • dyed twists;
    Creative twist style

    A variety of twist styles for short and long hair depends on your creativity and taste. You can always find something that suits you.
    More photos with trendy twists styles:
    Twist style

    Twist styles for long hair with bun

    Natural hair twist style in the form of shell

    Twisted hairdo

    Don’t be afraid to change your look with African twists for natural hair. Experiment with your hair until you find the perfect look. Then change it up from time to time.

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