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These big, bold and beautiful girls know how to bring their “A-game” (PHOTOS)

Where are my sexy big, bold beautiful girls?? This is a post series dedicated to ya! There is a tendency that plus size ladies usually feel out of the fashion loop as a lot of designers are downright mean when it comes to catering to their fashion needs.
I have always found it annoying that clothes for bigger sized people tends to cost more, even for the same style of fashion item for people on the smaller end of the size spectrum. I wonder why? Cost of a larger piece of material used?
The inability to find items that they love and that suit them is always the bane of a big girl’s existence but I am super glad some of the girls in this post are not letting their sizes hold them back. The outfits they are rocking are simply gorgeous!
Who said big girls can’t wear stripes? Who said they can’t rock multiple prints and get away with it? Who said they can’t wear bright colors? These girls are certainly not up for any of that kind of bull talk sha.
Before I use talk finish the matter, biko, take a peek at these girls are learn a thing or two from them! These big, bold beautiful girls know how to bring their “A-game”
Cc @lyzalawal
Lovely skater dress, big hair don’t care!
Cc @yaquerino
Cc @candelycious
Peplum Dress by Curvaceous Boutique
Cc @melanierashay
Dress by G&M Code by Geraldine Robinson
Designer of outfit @ndiritzy

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hassan said...

They are all beautiful

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