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    Tuesday, 23 January 2018

    Best short lace gown styles in Nigeria! Lace dresses are the main trend in 2018. Do you want to create a refined and feminine image? Checkout the latest designs!
    Best short lace gown styles
    If you adore lace and guipure dresses, then we have good news for you! In season, this air material is very relevant. In such dresses, you will look gentle, charming, and beautiful.
    Short lace festive gown

    Lace styles for ladies

    Perhaps there is no more feminine and light fabric texture than lace. With this fabric, you can create the most charming, lovely and unique outfits that emphasize a female figure in the best way. Ever fashionista must have a lace dress in her wardrobe.
    Short gown with lace
    Nigerian ladies are fond of cord lace styles as well as French lace. Even the simplest design of a lace dress is already quite a beautiful outfit. The lace gowns of any style and colors suit the young and slender ladies. A style with an open or half-open back imparts femininity to a woman’s silhouette.
    Plus size black short lace gown
    plumpy girls need to give preference to dark and black lace tones and knee-length. However, to create a bright look, complete the image with accessories and shoes with the correctly placed the accents.
    Plus size white short lace gown
    Red short lace dress
    Beige short lace dress
    Read further our recommendations for this season.
    In 2017, lace dresses were in fashion, in 2018, the situation didn’t change: these outfits remain the primary trend. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about the lacy outfit purchase.
    Among selected colors, there is a preference in:
    • black
    • white
    • gray
    • purple
    • red
    • beige
    • yellow
    The classic option of lace dress sewing is to decorate only the back, sleeves, décolletage with lace. Thus, an incredibly soft emphasis is placed on certain parts of the female silhouette. The several layers of lace perfectly match with soft to the touch materials.
    Purple short lace gown

    Where can you put on a lace dress?

    You can take it for an ordinary walking tour to the park, visiting public institutions, cafes, restaurants, and even the beach. Businesswomen use lace elements in their wardrobe of office clothes. The severity of such outfits is especially accurately displayed with the help of lace inserts, while simultaneously revealing the delicate female nature.
    White short lace dress
    Black short lace dress

    Short lace gown styles

    Black and white dresses with lace: the stylish classics

    The outfits of black and white colors will never go out of fashion. And lace dresses of such tones are now at the peak of popularity. Therefore, if you have such dresses in your, you are a mistress of stylish clothes. It’s interesting to note that such outfit is suitable for women of different age categories.
    Black short lace gown style

    Secrets of black openwork for short gown styles

    Black color, as you know, has the properties to hide some of the figure shortcomings and emphasize its benefits, namely:
    • full arms can be hidden with the sleeves of medium length;
    • the elegance of a beautiful posture is emphasized by dresses with a lacy back;
    • a black lace dress with a deep cut for the neckline can visually lengthen your legs, and it seems that you are taller than in reality
    Black short lace gown style with French lace
    Choose decor for a black dress carefully. Suitable types of décor are lace insert, embroidery of various colors, decorating with beads and sequins.
    Black color can create not only a business image. Adding laces in the shoulder and throat area makes the body less massive and add lightness to a lady. The openwork on the back of the item successfully emphasizes the harmony of a female figure.
    White festive short lace gown style

    Tenderness of white color in latest lace styles

    White short openwork dresses are on trend with elements of the “Richelieu” guipure technique, mini-dresses with buttons, translucent gowns, and items with embroidery. Such outfits will rejuvenate any lady. Besides, they are suitable designs for young girls. White dresses with lace around the neckline and shoulder area are trendy too.
    Short gowns with lace on the hemline

    Short gowns with lace on the hemline

    Lace dresses can be sewn not only completely from lace, but also from lightweight fabrics with the addition of lace inserts. This design is just a hit, a combination of restrained classics with extravagant hemming.
    Such items are full of charm. The simple top is compensated by a smart bottom. In this outfit, you can look different every time picking up various accessories for a special occasion.
    Red short gown with black lace

    Festive dress with lace styles

    The decision to buy or sew an evening lace dress can be both bright and modest choice. The final design depends on the dress itself, its cut and color.
    A red mini dress, complemented by black lace shows the passion and femininity. A restrained white dress trimmed with lace, emphasizes the modesty and tenderness of its owner.
    Green short lace gown
    The contrast in the style’s choice of an evening lace dress shows only that the outfit can be elegant or passionate. But both options look no less exquisite. What an image you create depends on you.
    Two colored short lace gown
    In making the styles for this season’s dresses, you can combine different types of fabrics, without fear of burdening the outfit, combine laces of different colors achieving a really nice contrast.
    Short gown with cord lace
    The simpler the style, the more attention we pay to the intricately twisted ornament of the lace pattern. The use of under-dressing allows you to preserve the outer chastity of the outfit, giving it a slight piquancy.
    Short lace dress-case

    Dress-cases with lace: feminine strictness

    Lace also takes place in creating strict business dresses. Such dress can be very attractive. It suitable for work, business meetings, parties or it can be worn for any holiday.
    t should be noted that lace has always been and will be in fashion. It doesn’t matter which dress you choose – evening or everyday, in this outfit you are unlikely to remain unnoticed!
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