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10 Trendy & Awesome Ankara Looks For The Weekend (PHOTOS)

We all know that women love to stand out wherever they go. They always want to wear the best. No one wants to be decked out, feeling themselves, only to end up rocking the exact same fashion piece as another lady. And to worsen the matter, have the other lady trump them with their fashion game!
Because at amillionstyles.com, we love our readers and we always want them to be unique in their choice of styles, we have brought to you some creative and never before seen unique ankara styles that will make all people they come across do a double take! In fact, they will have no other choice than to “clear the road” for you.
These styles are very nice and are sure to put a spring in your step when you are wearing them. Check them out!
Cc @ann_ita1 looking fabulous in a dress by the Ghanian fashion brand @adjoayeboahclothing
Cc @ironyofashi
Lovely exaggerated sleeve dress with front slit and a sleeveless kneed length dress

Cc @mimionalaja

Cc @j_j_fashions

Cc @j_j_fashions
Jumpsuit of life
Nice spaghetti strap dress
Shirred dress by @ethnikaccesories
Outfit by @yetundesarumi
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