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    Friday, 9 March 2018

    Why We Decided To Shoot Big Brother Naija In South Africa - Multichoice
    As the days roll by in the #bbnaija house, it is becoming evudent with each passing minute that no one is immune to a pinch of drama and quarrels can’t entirely be avoided. This time around, everyone’s favourite couple, Nina and Miracle were at the centre of the drama.
    The duo had had a mini quarrel on the night of day 38, with Nina claiming that Miracle had shouted at her and seems to have an ‘I don’t know how to apologise’ default to his personality.
    Miracle on the other hand felt that it was only human of him to shout back at her unwelcome persistence while he was making food for the both of them.
    He seems to be unable to leave any stones unturned though as he was quick to want to confront Nina after Anto told him that she summoned him. Nina however had no fears when it came to making her displeasure known.
    The couple are well known. For their playfights and their ability to iron out their differences in the #bbnaija house, up until day 38. This harmony can be largely attributed to Nina previously being unable to stand on her own two feet and leaning on Miracle for moral support.
    This crack in her personality was further deepened by how the rest of the #bbnaija Housemates perceived her as a dull person, who found it difficult to speak her mind and give an independent opinion. Basically, their relationship remained intact because she definitely wasn’t ready to wage war against her only support structure and defence.
    With Big brother reshuffling the #bbnaija housemates however, Nina and Teddy A becane glued together by default; and she soon had no choice than to watch her muse being taken away from her.
    No one expected that she’d recover so quickly and finally be able to defend her honour, even against miracle. Everything seemed to work in her favour as Teddy A kept his promise.
    He was able to press the right buttons and give Nina’s personality a much needed stretch. She told Miracle that she wanted an apology and wouldn’t let it go till she got it.
    Despite the fact that they eventually went to bed without him giving her the satisfaction, he sure knows that she is different from the girl he used to know that allows things slide.

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