Monday, 12 March 2018

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For any human, it is always important that you have your own style; that touch that is unique to you. That is what being fashionable is all about. The good part also is that you can play around with different ideas until you get what is right for you.

When picking out a tailor, ensure the person knows how to work with a wide range of body types. That knowledge is essential when it comes to s/he dis/encouraging you regarding a particular style
As a slay queen, you can follow trends either in accordance with what the society accepts or we switch it up, adding our distinctiveness to the mix.
Enjoy our best lace asoebi pick of the week!
Stunning wedding guest in @morkalfabrics
Cc @sweetwhumy in @styledbykingronke
Looking lovely in @kathyanthony
Lovely sky blue lace blouse and wrapper
Woman looking fab in a beautiful purple apparel
Cc @tosin_stephen
Cc @_oluchi
Cc @philglamscouture
Captured by @jemaphotography
Cc @tosin_stephen
Cc @tosin_stephen
Dress by @trishocouture

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