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    Thursday, 8 March 2018

    How Burkini Claims to be a Modest Swimwear for Muslim Women
    The controversy of Burkini was started to be claimed in France. Towns along the Riveria banned the Burkini (a portmanteau of "bikini" and "burka") and a type of swimwear.

    The argument was that the body-covering swimwear isn't in line with France's secular views, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called the burkini "a symbol of the enslavement of women." Whereas the critics of the ban did not agree with that, they said the burkini isn’t a symbol of oppression or extremism.
    The Friday ruling from France's highest court, addressed the ban in one town and suspended the ban, saying that it is seriously and clearly illegal, breached the fundamental freedoms to come and go, the freedom of beliefs and individual freedom.
    Here's why the swimsuit launched a worldwide debate and yet it dominates modesty and have no negative impact on any other religion, secular views or culture.

    The burkini was created by an Australian woman who was born in Lebanese.

    Aheda Zanetti has all the credentials for inventing the alternative swim gear in 2004 to provide convenience for her hijab-wearing niece who was enthusiastic about sports. And she has even trademarked the name "burkini." In a statement Zanetti says that she strove to make something that provide modest dress work with the current Australian beach and sports lifestyle. But these weren’t the only options, many companies from Jordan to the USA, like East Essence, Veilkini and YEESAM also offer modest swimwear.

    Burkini’s goal is to carry swimwear within Islamic values.

    Muslim women practicing Islam needs to follow the Quran’s call to “cover themselves and wear modest clothes” as modesty provides purity to every person.
    Zanetti's brand has few different outlooks but all have the following major elements: a long-sleeved tunic with a knee-skimming seam and an attached "Hijood" (head covering) and pants that came with a variety of colors and patterns, with a swirl design including deep plum and with multicolored stripes. The fabric contains 100 percent polyester and is light in weight, resistant to chlorine, quick-drying and provides UV protection to the swimmer. Only the face, hands and feet are visible in Burkini.

    Not just Muslim culture but western culture also favor modest swimwear.

    Western swimwear has been evolving dramatically over the centuries. In the 1800s, mostly covered suits were been worn by female bather's, as well as Orthodox Jewish women strikingly have similar swimwear. As for the burkini, they have begun to be the part of the beaches in India, North Africa and other areas where Muslims live (and swim).

    The public outcry against the ban has been massive.

    From across the world, Muslim women have some common refrains: The ban is sexist, Islamophobic and extreme. "France's way of battling this extremism is with an extremist act," said Nayema Jilani, a British National Muslim woman who was interviewed in a video on the topic done by the Huffington Post.
    The ban is not just the only issue for Muslim women across the world. Protesters also threw a beach party at the French embassy in London, wearing complete burkinis, sand and inflatable toys.

    Backlash looks as if it's good for sales.

    Some may be protesting the burkini ban while Zanettii cited many online orders compared to a typical 10 or so per day. A burkini will set a shopper back from $30 or so to about $100, depending on sizes and styles
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