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Internet Goes Berserk After Cardi B’s ‘Ghostwriter’ Got Exposed on Twitter

Does also have a ghostwriter?
Recall that yesterday, the rapper released a new single, Be Careful, which addresses the Offset Cheat!ng rumours. Shortly after it dropped, folks gave it lukewarm review, and much later, many people discovered that the song was actually written by songwriter Jordan Thorpe, who posted a video of himself singing to it FOUR YEARS ago.

This new information got a lot of people upset, especially because this is not the first time Cardi would be accused of ripping off other people’s works. Plus, the bridge of this new song was taken from Lauryn Hill’s hit single, Ex-Factor.
“Cardi, did you even get to write a sentence in your own song?” asked on Twitter user.
And what made it all befuddling was that Cardi already took to her social media to claim that she wrote the song as an open letter to the ‘n*gga’ who hurt her.
Well, The Shade Room has stepped in to confirm the Be Careful was written by 17 people, and that Jordan Thorpe was also acknowledged as one of the writers.
“Our source tells us that #JordanThorpe (the songwriter featured in the video @lifeofthepardi ) has been on #CardiB ‘s team for the longest and even won a Grammy nomination with her on #BodakYellow,” the report said, adding, “Our source says that Jordan has helped to develop her sound and is actually listed on the writing credits for her new single #BeCareful on #AppleMusic.”
Swipe to see the list of writers.

Cardi B has yet to speak up since the new surfaced.

Listen to her version below.

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