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Meet The 2018 Top 5 Richest Women in The World (Photos)

Men usually dominate when it comes to wealth, and although they still score the top 10 spots on Forbes’ richest people in the world list, women are slowly but surely gaining on them.

An all-time high of 256 women made the 2018 Forbes World’s Billionaires rankings. Forbes reported the ladies’ collective net worth reached over $1 trillion, which is roughly N360 trillion, that’s more than enough money to finance the budget of a lot of countries.
These women who have topped the list are business women, billionaire heiress’, entrepreneurs and all-round goal oriented.
1. Alice Walton
Alice Walton, the richest woman in the world. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Alice Walton scored the number one spot as the richest woman in 2018 and the overall 16th place on the list of Billionaires in the world.
Walton has an estimated net worth of N16.5 trillion. Her wealth is largely accumulated through her shares in Walmart, which was founded by her father, Sam Walton.
2. Francoise Bettencourt Meyer

Francoise Bettencourt Meyer inherited shares in L’oreal when her mother died at age 94. Photo credit: Getty images
Meyer has a N15.1 trillion net worth all thanks to her 33% shares in the cosmetics giant L’oreal, making her the second richest woman in 2018.
Klatten is the third richest woman in the world after she inherited shares in BMW. Photo credit: Getty Images
Klatten comes in at number three with a net worth of N9 trillion due to her inherited stakes in BMW.
4. Jacqueline Mars
Mars made her N8.2 trillion with her stakes in the American candy company named “Mars”. Her grandfather was one of the founders of the candy company.
Jacqueline Mars is the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, founder of the American candy company Mars, Incorporated. Photo credit: Getty Images
5. Yang Huiyan
The Chinese property developer comes in at number five on the list of richest women in the world this year.
Huiyan has an estimated net worth N7.8 trillion, making her the richest woman in Asia.
The 36-year-old is the youngest billionaire in the top 5 list of richest women in the world. Photo credit: Investors king

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