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    Thursday, 1 March 2018

    Nigerians give 5 amazing reasons why some ladies love bad boys
    There has always been a narrative in fictional stories of novels and movies that ladies love bad boys!
    In the movies and television shows we have James Bond and his fabulous suits, Dean Winchester in Supernatural, Damon Salvatore and Niklaus Mikaelson in Vampire Diaries and so many more.
    Even with the percentage of female fans these fictional characters have, it could be assumed that the narrative is also true in reality. Women are naturally fond of bad men, scientists would blame it on hormones and law of attraction but who really knows why women are attracted to bad boys?
    Why would any lady want to date a bad boy? When there are men out there willing to do anything for you and take care of you. Ladies even have more advantage with good guys because they are usually calm and understanding.
    NAIJ shared a post on Facebook asking Nigerians why women are more attracted to bad boys than good men.
    Read what they had to say below:
    1. Charisma (Smooth talkers aka Yoruba demons)
    According to Nigerians, bad boys have charisma, they always know what to say and when to say it even if its a lie. They can get out of any situation by using the right words and charming whoever they talk to.
    2. Protector/Prince Charming
    Nigerians said ladies love to feel protected and being with a person who has the ability to protect and defend them is a major reason why ladies are more attracted to bad boys. Ladies love a guy that would come in on a white horse (or a Bentley) and save the day
    3. Luxurious lifestyle
    According to readers, most times bad boys have the ability to provide for their ladies. They live expensive lifestyles which some Facebook users believe is one of the things that attract ladies to bad boys.
    4. Bad girls like bad boys (Bonnie and Clyde)
    Some Nigerians stated that it is only bad ladies that are attracted to bad guys because they are the only ones who understand the lifestyle they live.
    5. Adventure
    Others expressed that ladies especially good girls live adventure some that would give them a different lifestyle and make them try new things frequently. They stated that ladies are attracted to bad guys because they are adventurous and they are always ready to try something new.
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