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Study French in Cotonou | Intensive Programs in a French Language School Commence March 19

Students queue for practical sessions

OIPLC , Organisation Internationale pour la Promotion des Langues et la Culture presents to you another opportunity to add more value to you learning of french language in an environment that is good enough to foster a rapid oral communication skill.

¤About OIPLC and Her Program 
The International center of foreign languages studies under the tutelage of OIPLC (Organisation Internationale pour la Promotion des Langues et Cultures).
The center is well known today as a reference center of French language learning especially for Anglophone students and a center of English language learning for francophone students. 


Organisation Internationale pour la Promotion des Langues et la Culture {OIPLC }

We are glad to announce to you that another sesssion of immersion program is set to kick off on the 19th of  March 2018.

Are you a french student or a lover of french language? Do you desire to put into practice the few things you’ve been able to learn in french? OIPLC has the best environment for you. 

OIPLC (Organisation Internationale pour la Promotion des Langues et Cultures)

It is not too late for you to also pick up a program with OIPLC as an individual or a group of 5 and above. We are sure to offer you the best you can ever get. 
We also look forward to seeing more universities partnering with us for their french language students one year abroad program. We’ll be glad if you choose to partner with us and we promise you won’t regret this.

The center offers a pleasant and comfortable means in a well secured environment for learning French language. The lecturers are very much available for the students with a natural method of teaching.

The center also offers to the students, practical training in order to add more practical to theory.
Aside all of the courses listed below to be enjoyed, students also have the opportunity of visiting some historical places and catching some fun even while learning.

Courses You Should Expect To Enjoy:
1. La Grammaire Française – students are being made to have more than a nodding acquaintance with french grammar from the least simple to the most complex.

2. Communication Écrite – students learn to write some compositions, essays, letters and creative writting in French language and in the french way.

3. Communication et Expression Orale – students learn to speak french language as fluently as possible by being put through some practical oral french classes and given the opportunity to have at least a francophone friend with whom they can speak at will.

4. Etude Littéraire et la Littérature négro-africaine d’expression française – students get to know about african french litterature, african french writers and some literary theories with which they can analyze a literary text.

5. Traduction – students learn the step-by-step methods of translating texts from English to French language and vice versa.

6. Education Physique et Sportive – OIPLC believes in the saying that “health is wealth”, thus on Saturdays, students are taken to the beach for sport activities where they ll have fun while learning french.

A lot more interesting things like individual and group outing, cours pédagogique for NCE students where they are being how to teach French in the French way, etc. just for you and you.

More Pictures Of The School and Students Below;
OIPLC students at the beach

OIPLC students comfortable room

OIPLC school premises

main building

students room


Saturday exercise at the beach

OIPLC students at the beach

OIPLC library

Students queue for practical sessions

Registration fee is 3000 naira only. Registration closes April 6


Module & Diploma Programs

1 month –  #50,000
3 months –  #120,000
7 months – #200,000 

(All tuition Includes transportation).
Note: All programs comes with a certified certificate to work anywhere in Nigeria.

This is the cheapest you can get for its qualities. We would like to encourage you to try this out and we promise you won’t regret doing.
Remember, you need to put in your personal efforts and spend some money to bring the best out of what you are doing. Try this and you ll have no regret. A year from now you may wish you had started today.

Do you wish to pick up a program just any other time or you need to get more info about our programs or you have some more questions to ask for clarity sake?

Please, do feel free to contact:

Ojo Mayowa E. – 08100193489 (call) 
 08126723386 (whatsapp)

Direct Contact On Whatsapp

You can also follow our page on Facebook @ to get more information

Visit Official Website for more info:
Click Here


Janet said...

I can highly recommend OIPLC... I took the French Course. My experience at the school was so wonderful; I am returning in May... The school is a great place to learn all aspects of the French language and, importantly, get to know some very nice French people. I felt very much at home with the teachers and staff. I made new friends from all over the world.

Miracle said...

We took the Intensive French course. We had such a wonderful time at your school. My friends and I were so relaxed. He did not want to leave. Great food! Great wine! Great environment for learning French!

Anonymous said...

Merci à tous pour une excellente semaine à la villa Beaulieu. Beaucoup de travail, sans doute, mais toujours dans une atmosphère tout à fait chaleureuse et sympa, avec une gastronomie sans pareil ! J'ai l'intention de revenir bientôt.

Ojo Mayowa said...

Oiplc provides a wonderful language immersion experience in Tours, a beautiful environment, but sophisticated town in Cotonou. Everything about this language school is personal, but very organised and professional. The school has a lovely situation and attracts a wide range of committed students of all ages, from 'language tourists' to those needing French for professional purposes.

Anonymous said...

OIPLC is THE FRENCH SCHOOL wich will give you the opportunity to learn french with FUN an SUCESS! Outstanding is the teacher-team wich is positiv and motivated!!! No matter if you stay for two weeks or three month you will have a great time. All teachers of Oiplc are very supportiv, no matter if its a grammar question, NO matter your level in French. Important detail: OIPLC is for ALL AGES. Better saying OIPLC fits for the 16-25

Veronica said...

OIPLC is the very place you can think of, learning French in a French speaking country very much brushed me up, I can't forget how the lecturers helped to understand most topics I thought was difficult, nice hostel and library. The fact that the beach is close to the hostel is a plus for me, my stay there was, educative,fun and positive.

Kunle junior said...

It was fun learning French there, Beach Beach Beach.... Nice environment, calm atmosphere and Every Saturday exercise with the French.

Anonymous said...

OIPLC...very nice to be here,you can learn french anywhere,but I bet you,staying in cotonou where the language is spoken is a plus.I enjoy the classes,cos its always interactive and I speak the little french I know confidently and learn new things everyday.The hostel is so amazing,so comfortable,electricity is constant unlike Nigeria.our program ends by April,but i and my friends are planning on coming back on our next vacation

Annie said...

The best place for a Nigerian to learn and get certified in French language

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