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Teddy A Reveals He is Ready to Start a New Life With Bambam Outside the House (Video)

Just when we thought Miracle and Nina were serving us serious couple goals, it appears fellow housemate,  has taken a definitive stand on his relationship with former strategic partner, .

Despite the dissolution of the strategic partnership, the pair have continued to remain close and more even, a couple just like the ‘Minas’. Recall Teddy A had told Ifu Enada that his relationship with Bambam was nothing more than for the purpose of the game.
However, the self-acclaimed ‘badman’ has finally decided to do good with the chemistry he shares with Bambam. Giving him the option of either jumping off a building, continuing his relationship with his babymama or starting a new life with Bambam, Rico had asked him to pick one option.
After a long pause and admitting the question was a tough one, he chose the option of starting a new life with Bambam. According to him, life with his babymama is a ship that has already sailed considering the fact that she is married to someone else now.
Watch video below:

Perhaps the pairing of housemates has given them the opportunity to discover a new side of themselves and their capabilities.
Teddy A and Bambam had gone viral after they were caught on camera having a steamy toilet rendezvous. Although the received major backlash from fans of the show, it appears the two might actually be getting more serious about their relationship.

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