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    Thursday, 10 May 2018

    What are the latest Nigerian lace blouse styles? A blouse is one of the basic items of women’s wardrobe for creating not only an evening or romantic look but a business look too. Design collections in 2018 amaze us with
    diversity and charm. Do you want to know more about how to look gorgeous this year? Keep reading to get inspired and learn the latest trends.
    Latest Nigerian lace blouse styles
    Lace has a centuries-old history. For the first time, lace fabric originated in France. It’s created by interlacing the finest threads in a special way to make embossing. The lace looks very gentle, feminine and refined. This season lace outfits are in great demand. Now, we will talk about lace blouse styles in more details.
    Nigerian traditional lace blouse style
    Modern Nigerian lace blouse style
    Guipure blouse can be worn almost anywhere and with anything. Another great plus is the versatility of the item. It can be worn for rest, office, club party, birthday, and many other events. Only it’s necessary to think carefully about the combination with the rest of the garments.
    Nigerian beaded lace blouse style

    Latest Nigerian lace blouse styles

    Blouse styles can be made completely of lace or only have lace inserts or trim.
    Nigerian lace blouse with simple tailoring
    For a blouse entirely made of lace, you need to choose the easiest tailoring. The only decor that would be appropriate is one big frill or a few small flounces. For the evening look, it’s allowed to wear a blouse without an opaque underdress. But you have to pick up the appropriate underwear and be in good shape.
    Nigerian blouse style with French lace
    If you have any doubts, then it’s better to sew a dense underdress to a lace blouse, especially when using French lace. This fabric is more transparent and delicate. For the underdress, designers usually take satin, silk or other dense fabric of the same color with lace.
    Nigerian lace blouse style with underdress
    You can choose one tone darker or lighter fabric then lace, or use contrasting colors for the outfit. When sewing the under garment, make it in the form of a top-bustier with straps. A good solution for an evening blouse is the combination of lace and chiffon.
    Nigerian blouse style with lace trim
    For office and more strict events, it’s better to choose a blouse made of opaque fabric and add only lace pieces. It can be wide lace inserts in the décolleté area, narrow lace strips of decor, as well as ruffles or sleeves made with lace.
    White lace blouse

    New lace styles for blouses

    Today classic variants of black and white lace blouses are in favor. They add grace to any feminine look.
    Black blouse with long lace sleeves
    Recently, lace blouses of black color have become very popular among both young girls and ladies. In fact, this item can add special originality to each outfit and make it more harmonious and attractive.
    Black lace blouse
    The variety of black lace blouses is very large. The models can have short or long sleeves. Party designs are complemented by beads and sequins or bright embroidery.
    Black lace blouse style
    Ladies who want to hide a couple of shortcomings, but want to create an original image should pay attention to black blouses made of silk or satin with long lace sleeves. This outfit can be worn not only for a walk or work, but also for events with semi-formal dress code.
    Pastel pink lace blouse style
    A white lace blouse is ideal for daytime look. If you don’t like the white color very much, you can choose ivory option or any shade. Light beige, powder color, and others light natural tones are perfect for a lace blouse.
    Lce blouse and skirt
    A one-colored midi pencil skirt made of dense fabric is best suited for classic black or white (pastel) lace blouse.
    Bright lace blouse style
    Nigerian blouse style with large lace trim

    Nigerian lace styles for blouses

    Of course, every lady should have classic versions of lace blouses, so blouses made from colored lace are ‘must have’ for our fashionistas. Lace blouses are used in everyday life and for creating traditional designs. Agree, lace perfectly emphasizes femininity and helps to create delicate and refined looks. Blue, pink, yellow, red, turquoise – all these colors are used with pleasure by Nigerian ladies.
    Nigerian lace blouse style with long flared sleeves
    Let’s tell a few more words about the tailoring. In traditional outfits, women like to make flared sleeves. They can be long or three quarters. Like short sleeves, it’s better to use sleeve-wings in lace blouses.
    Nigerian black lace blouse styles with various necklines
    The neckline in a lace blouse can be any. But try to avoid collars, if your blouse is not a closed office version of the latest lace style.
    Around deep neckline and open shoulders look feminine. Here, the patterned edge of the neckline serves as additional decor.
    Lace blouse style with American armhole
    An American armhole is also suitable for a lace blouse. It’s better to take a cord lace with a small pattern for such styles.
    Nigerian beaded lace blouse style with chiffon
    For traditional styles, our ladies prefer to sew blouses of fitted silhouette with a peplum. A classic outfit is a lace blouse and wrapper styles. The peplum for such blouses is made from one or two layers of lace. They are of the same or different lengths. Sometimes the peplum is decorated with opposing folds. Lace blouse is decorated with a thin satin belt or special décor to emphasize the waist.
    Ankara blouse style with lace trim
    In a mix of lace blouses with Ankara, décolletage are made of lace, and a blouse corset is sewn from bright Ankara.
    White lace blouse and shorts
    If you are planning to take the item for a rest, the tight-fitting blouse looks very good with bum shorts. You can also create a casual and stylish image, combining a lace blouse with narrow or tight jeans.
    Blouse with lace décolleté
    Blouse with lace decor
    White lace blouse style in office style
    Lace blouses can and should be worn in the season 2018. The designs with short sleeves are better fitted to shorts and skinny trousers, the items with long and slightly flared sleeves are perfect for strict office skirts. Also, black guipure blouse with a pointed silk or satin collar fits well. And bright lace blouses, embroidered with sequins and beads perfectly complement the festive or traditional outfit.
    Stylish lady
    Lace blouses for the new season have become a real breakthrough in the fashion world. Evans and everyday styles; strict and romantic styles – they are all designed to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to maximize her individuality.
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