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    Saturday, 12 May 2018

    Malaysian Lover

    It’s that time of the year when Malaysian guys are touted to always return to Nigeria to steal the hearts of ladies. This story could not have come at a more perfect time. You should learn something from today’s episode of a lady’s die-hard affair with her Malaysian Lover. Enjoy Tochi’s story below.

    After reading a recent article on this blog about the importance of money to relationships, I was moved to share my story. I hope this story will also make some realities clear to someone out there that money doesn’t always guarantee a relationship’s security and happiness. If real love is missing, if your partner is greedy, if your foundation is weak, no amount of money and care can truly cover the patches. Please learn from this story about how my girlfriend left me for her Malaysian lover.
    I met Diana on one of my mystery shopping tours for my company. It took us a while to really kick off as she told me she was still nursing the wounds from her last boyfriend who dumped her without notice.
    I had to exercise a lot of patience and showed real care and concern for her in order to see her through that phase. After a few months, she began to loosen up and soon enough, she was bright and welcoming.
    Our relationship was a good one; we both seemed to tick a lot of boxes for each other. I was crazy about her and would do anything just to be with her. I am not sharing this story to brag about the money I spent on her, but I gave her the best of me.
    She was my second girlfriend ever. I lost my first relationship because I was naive about spending money; I took my 1st GF for granted and she left. But when I started a relationship with Diana, I was determined to give her my best, even in terms of money. I made sure she lacked nothing she asked for and made sure we went out to places to have more bonding moments almost every other weekend. At some point, my friends thought I was desperately trying to atone for my mistake with my 1st GF. They thought I was doing too much for her, but I didn’t stop.
    That was the good part of my relationship with Diana. Although she didn’t have any bad attitudes I could see when we were dating, she however started to draw back after a year and half of our relationship.
    Her enthusiasm dropped, and I thought I was choking her, so I tried to give her some space (I had read somewhere that space is needed in relationships to give room for independence and to allow the other person miss you). The space thing worked for a while and we kinda got the spark back, but only for another few months.
    I was bothered, but I didn’t want to be the one complaining all the time, so I decided to just keep being me and taking the relationship one day at a time.

    Soon after, I got wind that Diana had reunited with her Malaysian lover. I was baffled, because she hadn’t discussed any lover or anyone in Malaysia with me before. She only told me about her former lover who left her for another lady. I did a little more digging and realized that Diana’s love affair with the said Malaysian lover was a popular one; they had history and people knew about it except me!
    I confronted her about it and after initially trying to deny, she realized the folly and opened up. She told me the detailed story of how the guy sponsored her education and they both made a pact to get married when she graduated. He however travelled to Malaysia with another lady and left her hanging. She thought he had forgotten about her until when he recently showed up to beg her. Apparently, she was still in love with him and couldn’t resist going back to him.
    I was torn to shreds. I felt like strangling her to death for wasting my time. But for the timely intervention, I would have committed a deadly crime. It took a while, but I eventually let go.
    Karma however is a very nice person, she (I choose to see Karma as a lady) doesn’t let any act go unrewarded. I saw Diana a few weeks ago and what I saw confirmed the stories I had heard about her and her Malaysian lover.
    According to the story, her Malaysian lover was caught peddling drugs in one of the extreme Asian countries. He was sentenced to death by hanging, Diana was deported back to the country, and has been living like a destitute ever since.
    I am not rejoicing at her fate, I really pity her, but I can’t do anything about it because I have now moved on with another lady. Her story is just to teach other greedy ladies out there a lesson of contentment.
    If your man or woman is good and doing his best to gives you everything you want, stay in the relationship and stop lusting after other people whose life you know nothing about; you just might be leaving a place of tranquility to a place of turbulence.
    I hope someone has learnt from this story. I wish Diana all the best in her future relationships.

    Source: Glowville

    You too can share that break up story you have healed from, and get the chance to inspire and share valuable lessons with other lovers out there. Please send your stories to [email protected], we will be willing to share it, with or without your name. Thank you.

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