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    Wednesday, 30 May 2018

    The fast rising trend of internet fraudsters popularly called ‘Yahoo Boys’ seem to be coming to an end faster that imagined following series of arrests made by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

    It could be recalled that in the early hours of Friday, May 11, EFCC officials arrested over 12 suspected internet fraudsters at Club 57, Awolowo Way, Ikoyi area of Lagos.
    In the light of these arrests, many indiciduals have taken to social media to either support the internet fraudsters or stand with the EFCC.
    A young Nigerian man known as Scofied O Idehen on Facebook also took to his page to pen down a lovely piece about ‘Yahoo Boys.’
    The young man in his long piece highlighted the major goals of a ‘Yahoo Boy’ and urges all young men to flee from fast illegal money and make the wise choices in life.
    He wrote:
    “YAHOO BOY While sitting at my window today trying to comprehend the amount of responsibility on my shoulders I heard a boy say: If I was a YAHOO BOY� Living in a porch apartment with a slay queen to wipe the codeine out of my mouth with a kiss while I breeze off to see my baby mama in my new 4matic my oyibo client just sent money for recently.
    I will chill in a 5star hotel where people are paid to smile when they see me taking selfie at the hotel lobby why my father age wheels down my bag to a waiting room with a new catch lying on the couch just so she could cash out some of those notes�� I would live a dream life even for a few minute with my hair style looking like I just woke up from a 1year coma.
    I will run and hide from the law enforcement agency and hide my iPhone 8 whenever I see an hilux, just so you know, it part of the thrill, the main thing that makes it all fun and when I am caught………… #thisisnigeria #POS #transfer #350,000 I will go to the club and buy coffin load of Champagne at a friends friend party I was not invited to while my mum can’t remember the last time she ate meat pie. ��its part of the fast lane, its part of the high voltage, while should I care.
    After all, day break everywhere burst. Living off people’s sweat like the short life span of a mosquito that could not maneuver the hard slap of reality. Knowing tomorrow is not certain but why should I care, today is good enough But I am not a YAHOO boy he said, I can never be one.
    To all those out there thinking about the short gain, think big and think right Good evening… I am Mr Animator.”
    Meanwhile, a young Nigerian internet fraudster identified as Ola Gee on Facebook took to his page to call out officials of the EFCC.
    He decided to rain curses on them so they can stop the arrest of internet fraudsters. He added that, the arrest should not be made because some Yahoo Boys are yet to make millions and succeed in their dubious ways.

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