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    Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Seven questions to ask yourself before agreeing to marry him

    7 questions to ask yourself before agreeing to marry him
    Before saying the words “I do”, which would plunge you into a lifelong commitment, there are a lot of things you should already know about your partner.

    You may have dreamt of a fairytale wedding and living happily ever after, but these dreams could be marred by the failure to really know your partner.
    It may take a few uncomfortable conversations, but no woman wants to marry a man without knowing who he really is?
    Here are seven questions to know before you concur.
    Do I know his story?
    How well do you know the man you are about to commit(if divorce allows) the rest of your life to? How much about him do you know? Is he a mystery man or an open book?
    You should know enough about your partner’s background and family. His family will . a major role in your marriage whether you like it or not. So many marriages have ended up being damaged due to problems in the family.
    Has he shared his plans with me?
    It is very pertinent to know some of the plans your partner has for his future since you are going to be in it and his choices would affect both of you.
    Endeavour to find out what his goals, ambitions, and dreams are, where he would like to be in the next decade, how many kids he plans to have or whether he even intends to go that route, and where he expects his career to be.
    Can I live with his ethics, ideals and principles?
    Knowing your partner’s standpoint on issues and his principles go a long way in making you tolerate him in the long run.
    No two people are the same so there are some things you and your partner will differ on. It is okay, as long as you are able to find common ground on these things, and accept each other’s viewpoints.
    Can you do that?
    Any health challenges?
    Before going into marriage, you should know your partner’s wellbeing and state of health.
    Knowing your partner’s genotype, blood group or even whether his family has any history of complications that might affect your children is very essential.
    Any blast from the past?
    It is advisable to know about your partner’s past. Find out if your partner has had toxic relationships and if there will be any surprises, such as a love-child, in the future.
    It is also important you clear the air on any significant experience they might have had in their past.
    What does he believe in?
    Ensure you find out what your partner stands for when it comes to religion and make sure you find a common ground in case of any differences as it might end up affecting your relationship in the future — particularly if and when you have children.
    Why me?
    This is an important question that needs to be asked because it helps boost assurance and security. You need to know why your partner chose you and if he would still choose you no matter what happens, or changes, in years to come.

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