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    Sunday, 17 June 2018

    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Pregnancy is a very important and exciting time in every woman’s life, but it is not without its hardships. For instance, none of your old clothes fit you, and you might struggle with feeling cute. To remedy that, we recommend trying on maternity gowns sewn with Ankara, so that you can look your best during pregnancy and feel very comfortable. Check out our picks of lovely maternity gowns in Nigeria and find the ones you would want to own!
    Maternity gowns sewn with Ankara in Nigeria 2018
    As usual, we have decided to divide our picks into three categories: long, medium-length and short dresses. However, as the pregnancy goes by, sometimes even medium-length dresses can turn into short ones. That said, here is our selection of gorgeous Ankara maternity gowns.

    Long maternity gowns made with Ankara

    long 1
    Photo: kokolife.ng
    Our first pick is this gorgeous maternity gown with Ankara. Quite a contrast to the regular bright Ankara patterns, this one makes the dress look very light and airy. The elastic right beneath the chest region will help you keep your ‘twins’ in check and will not press down on your stomach.
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: pinterest.co.kr
    If you are looking for something with a looser fit, then consider this particular Ankara gown style. With this one, you can look great and feel amazing at the same time. Nothing to constrict your body or your movements here. And it covers everything!
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: reinesdafrique.com
    To be fair, this is probably our favourite Ankara gown, maternity or not. Everything in it, from the colour combination and pattern all the way to the style and fit, is beautiful. With this dress, you can even accidentally become a star of some red carpet.
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: todaygh.com
    Free-flowing dresses during pregnancy is definitely the way to go, as they do not constrict or leave pressure lines on anything, and they are very easy to get in or out of. With a gown like this, you can feel comfortable and stylish at any trimester, no matter how big you might get.
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: ankarastyles.com.ng
    Let’s end this category with this simple yet wonderful Nigerian maternity gown with the asymmetric hem. With a dress like this, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable and light thanks to its very loose fit. There are no elastics or corset elements involved, so nothing will press on your stomach and cause discomfort.

    Medium-length maternity gown styles with Ankara

    Ankara Maternity Gowns

    Photo: etsy.com
    Who said you cannot show a little leg during pregnancy? If you feel comfortable with your body during these trying (but mostly rewarding) months, consider wearing something that is going to reflect your cheery mood, such as this vibrant dress. It is lovely, stylish and very free, so you do not have to sacrifice the looks for the comfort.
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: etsy.com
    If you are looking for something with a little more shape to it, then this would be a great option. Even though it is more closely fitted than most of the other dresses on this list, it is still not constricting enough to cause any discomfort.
    Ankara Maternity Gowns
    Photo: midindi.com
    Here we have another cute dress with an asymmetric hem. This one also features an interesting lace insert in the middle. We do not know about you, but if we had a dress like this, most of our time would be spent in front of a mirror 🙂
    medium 4
    Photo: montrealeastinfo.com
    Practicality is important at all times, and what could be more practical than a dress with pockets? The rather unusual cut of this dress will make you the centre of attention, along with those contrasting pockets and collar.
    Being pregnant should not stop you from attending fabulous events, including your friends’ weddings. While the previous dresses look quite informal, this one should be just right if you want to go to some special occasion.

    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara

    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara
    Photo: madivasmag.com
    If pregnancy does not stop you from loving your body, or, on the contrary, makes you love it even more, you should show it off. And what better way to do it than to wear a frilly short Ankara gown? With a dress like this, you can feel young, light and beautiful, all the while being very comfortable.
    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara
    Photo: pinterest.ch
    Now, this is a particularly amazing dress, as you can make a whole two different outfits out of it just by adding a simple belt! During pregnancy, you can wear it as pictured on the left, and after the pregnancy is over, you can go for a look on the right. Nothing better than a versatile dress.
    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara
    Photo: pinterest.co.uk
    To be honest, we absolutely love dresses like this. They are so fun to twirl around in! While this gown might look like a brightly coloured tent, with the right attitude, you can certainly make it fashion. Besides, you can always try adding a belt later on if this does feel too boxy for you.
    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara
    Photo: pinterest.com
    You don’t often see a body-con dress among maternity gowns, but doesn’t it look great? As long as it is not too tight, you should be able to wear something like this without any issues.
    Short maternity gown styles made with Ankara
    Photo: pinterest.com
    Last, but certainly not least, we have this adorable dress with an elastic hem. It looks cute, unusual and very pretty, so if you have always wanted to try this style out, pregnancy is as good of an occasion as anything else 🙂
    And there you have it, fifteen lovely Ankara maternity dresses for your consideration. Which ones do you like the most? Do you already have a dress like one of these? What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments. You can also share the pictures of yourself in your maternity gown with Ankara. We would love to see them!

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