4 Topics To Avoid In The Early Weeks Of Your Relationship

When you just start dating someone, it’s important that you come into it with a positive energy. Certain information and attitude tend to be downers and can make things really awkward.
To ensure you don’t mess with things during those early weeks and months, consider these topics to avoid in a relationship.
1. That dramatic breakup with your ex
Even if your ex comes up in a conversation, don’t go into too many details about it. You don’t need to share how he was a bastard that completely broke your heart. This makes you give off the impression that you’re not really over him.
topics to avoid in a relationship
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2. The family member you hate
The early days of your relationship aren’t the time to rant to him about your annoying sister and evil cousin. We all have our drama, but it may be a better idea if you don’t kick-start your relationship with that energy.
3. Your marriage plans or timeline
He doesn’t need to know that you plan to get pregnant in six months or that you have a mission to get married before the year runs out. This is one of the topics to avoid in a relationship, especially in the beginning. It can put a lot of pressure on your partner. Plus, it gives an air of desperation which is never a look you should go for.
topics to avoid in a relationship
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4. Everything about you
The best relationship happens when you peel your partner open gradually and layer by layer. Learn more about each other as time goes on. When you reveal too much at a go, it can kill the mystery.
These are topics to avoid in a relationship when you only just started dating. Your partner may learn these things about you as time goes on. But the goal is to keep things fun and upbeat in the beginning. Leave all that heavy stuff for later.
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