Complications Of Using Ear Swabs

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The ears are very delicate organs of the body, hence, they should be taken care of. Doctor have explained that use of cotton swabs as well as other objects to clean the ear is very harmful.
When these objects ar put in the ear, they ends up pushing the wax deeper into the ears canal instead of digging them out they ought to.

These cause the ear wax to accumulate and stick against the ear drum which can cause permanent damages.

To avoid these complication, here are some of the ways to clean the ears.

1. Using Olive oil. According to the America Hearing Foundation, putting two to three drops of olive oil in the ear, it helps soften the ear wax so it can find its way out. Leave for then minutes to settle and soften the ear wax and tilt your head sideways after.

2. Adding Hydrogen Peroxide. Is an efficient remedy for ear wax accumulation. It removes debris from ear canal easily. Mix equal Quantities of water and hydrogen peroxide and add few drops into your sky-facing ear. Leave for some time amd tilt sideways after.

3. Warm water. Is another effective way of removing debris from the ear canal. Apply Just like other methods. Make use of Only Clean and filtered water

4. Seeing a Doctor. Is the safest step to take when your ear canal is so blocked that you're having trouble hearing. Make an appointment with an ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor who can prescribe the best treament


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