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    Monday, 3 December 2018

    It is a fact that ladies are always tensed and scared to meet their man’s family, it does happen because the lady does not have a clue of the kind of people she is going to meet. She is unaware of their norms, beliefs or values and any fault from her would determine the future of her relationship. Every lady would want to impress her man’s family in any way she can just to make sure she gets good comments during her first visit, well Christmas is here and it is the best time, also an opportunity to shine and get his family to love and give you good compliments, here are a few reasons;
    1. You can buy his mother a gift without looking like you are sucking up
    Mothers love gifts and can also be suspicious of the gift especially when it is giving by her son’s partner and apparently for no reason. Christmas implements an extreme reason to give her gifts and she wouldn’t look like you are trying to impress her.
    2. They might likely not notice your awkwardness because it’s Christmas and everybody is a little bit crazy about it
    There’s always so much family drama during Christmas that any small drama you might cause will not be noticeable so you are more likely to be accepted irrespective of your one or two mistakes.
    3. There would be no time for long and intense interviews because of activities and you will also get to meet everybody at the same time
    There would be no time for long stares, judging eyes and intense interviews about your true intentions, instead you would be seen as another helping hand which you can use to actually create a bond with them while serving or preparing food.

    Are you going to meet your man’s family this Christmas? or still tensed up on how they would react? Use this few tips and you are on your way to a long-lasting relationship.

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