5 Things You Should Put Into Consideration Before Getting Married

It is advice-able to put so many things into consideration before taking that bold step of marriage. Marriage is not a joke despite the whole excitement that comes with it, it has it’s own flaws and weaknesses and unless you give it a good thought, you might start on the wrong foot. Are you engaged and looking forward to the big day? Here are a few things you should reflect on before getting married to your prince charming;

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1. Morals: Though, most partners adjust to their significant other’s values but there should be a correlation before that can happen. If you have different values regarding honesty, integrity, family, work, religion and lifestyle, you need to assess how difficult it is to resolve it and if there is room for compromise.
2. Work and life balance: How important is your work to you? Can you balance your work and home demands and how will you do it? Will this change once you get married? And does your partner understand or support your work especially if your job is so demanding on your time and does that worry you? Do you have friends and interest outside of the relationship?
3. Lifestyle: What are the similarities and differences in you and your partner’s lifestyle? Are you active while your partner is reserved? What are your boundaries when it comes to the use of social media? You should talk about how you like to spend your times away from work and what your expectations for ‘alone time’ are.
4. Finance: This can be a way to prevent financial infidelity. You should discuss with your partner how you view money, are you a spender or a saver? If you have disposable income how do you spend it? Do you think you should have separate or joint accounts or both? Does one person make more money than the other? If so, how will you share the expenses? Do you have a budget for big purchases and how will the costs of the home be paid?
5. $3x: This is an integral and healthy part of a relationship, do yourself a favor and ask these questions. Does religion play a part in your $3xual life? What does$3x mean to you and how often do you like to have $3x? Do you have expectations about $3x? Do you both feel comfortable and safe talking about your needs with each other? Why or why not?

What are other questions you should ask your partner before stepping into the big deal called marriage?

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