Accessorizing your boring outfits: Tips and tricks

Accessorizing your boring outfits: Tips and tricks

Accessorising isn't just putting matching jewelry to outfits. It has come a long way. There was a time when wearing matching accessories was the norm. But, everything has changed now! To be in line with the current trends and ongoing fashions we have with us some of the interesting tips and tricks which might help you the next time you look for accessories.
This will also help you get out of that boring-everyday-look. Gone are the times when you had winter clothes, summer clothes, and so on.

Some tips and tricks for fresher looks

Always accessorize

Even when you are going for a simple look, accessorize a bit. This can never go wrong. Perhaps, it can also help your outfit go from good to best. A simple thing like getting a scarf around your neck can also do the trick. Just imagine wearing that classy sweater dress and then wrapping a patterned scarf around your neck before leaving your house. This is how a simple look can be turned into a graceful look with one simple accessory.

You can also wear a bracelet or a sleek watch to make the dress look fresh. You do not need to complicate your look, rather just compliment it with one or two accessories and you are all set. Don't overthink about this, just go with want you feel comfortable.

Go for comfortable shoes

We often try to give so much importance to our shoes. Although they are an important part of our outfit, comfortableness should also be taken into consideration while selecting your shoes. Say for long-wear days pick out the chunky blocked heels so that your body weight can be evenly distributed and you can walk throughout the day comfortably in your shoes. You can also comprise the length of the heels for the thickness of heels.

Roll up your jeans

Just like you roll-up your long sleeves, try doing the same with your jeans. It is an easy upgrade to your everyday look. The look is as subtle as it comes. The trick in this look is to choose the right technique which is based entirely on the type of jeans you are wearing.

Usually, on skinny jeans, these cuffs look best but on the smaller side. It is because they will keep the actual look of the fitted pants which is the streamlined one. Make the cuffs below your pants half an inch wide and roll them up twice. You will get the instant change in your look. Pair this rolled up jeans with your gym accessories  tee for an instantly cool look. Besides, you get to show off your footwear in this look. So, whenever you try this look do not forget to wear your favorite classy shoes.

Knot down your long shirt (any shirt)

A midi skirt below the plaid shirt looks super chic, and that is usually there in everyone's closet. To wear it in a different way you can tie a knot from the middle of the shirt for a more of a polished look than the simple one. You can try this look in fall with a turtleneck t-shirt underneath. You can pull this look in summer and winter as well.

Thus, we have seen how a simple accessory can help you transform a boring look into a fresh look. It is not always necessary to wear a matching accessory to style up your look. Further, in many of the above looks, you don’t even need a new article. You can simply upgrade your everyday styling without spending money. In clothing, there is no such thing as one size fits all. What might be good on other, might not be good on you! Just have the confidence to try new ways of styling and you will never ever get bored of it!

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