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We love Aso Ebi!!! I can’t even lie at this point we are addicted to the culture. While others are debating the essence of this cultural practice one thing we always rely on to support our love is the thought behind the practice. “Aso Ebi” is translated to means “Family Cloth” and so if you notice at weddings while many people can be seen in the lace traditional styles not all of them are rocking the “aso ebi” this is because the aso ebi is technically reserved for family & close friends. Some people even go as far as differentiating this with the types and colour of fabric – well that’s personal preference but you get the picture.

Now after accepting that you are supporting a friend by buying the Aso ebi, how else can you show love. This has a simple answer – On-Point style. Your style must always be on point, you are technically not supporting the celebrant you are also selling yourself. What’s best about a great aso ebi style is the feeling that comes with it especially when those praises come rolling in.
Two things you’ve learnt; the reason why you need a good traditional style and why you need to support the celebrant with buying the “family cloth” in the first place. Don’t loose track of these lessons and we can surely help you keep note by sharing really gorgeous traditional styles with you;

Gorgeous Aso Ebi Styles | Guide Book

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Source: Bossmeek.com.ng
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