10 Easy but elegant braided hairstyles for long hair you will love (PICS)

African women are in love with the braided hairstyles. Braiding, especially, in African cultures has a long tradition. The rich braided hairstyles culture symbolises the spirit and uniqueness of African women. Beautiful braids hairstyles are reinvented all the time. Today, a lot of women opt for braid hairstyles for long hair. There are so many exciting ideas for braids styles to rock in 2019, and this is not surprising. Here, we have gathered the trendiest of the long braids hairstyles for black women that can be used in everyday life.

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In this post, you will find stunning braided hairstyles for African ladies including buns, twists, cornrows, pigtails, ponytails, colourful braids, braids adorned with thread, cuffs and so on. The options are endless. Choosing the best black braided hairstyle is not an easy task, but we are here to help you with your problem of determining the best braids hairstyle. Each of the ideas listed below can give your look a stylish update and help to achieve ultimate hairstyle goals.


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Twist Braids

Cornrow braids

It is not that easy to make cornrows, but it is worth the efforts because the final look is great. While this hairstyle looks beautiful, it requires some hair extensions. The braid begins on the scalp, goes across the head, and flows downwards. A cornrow braid hairstyle will suit every event you would like to attend and can help to capture everyone’s attention.
Cornrow braids are protective to natural hair. This hairstyle might look simple but there many ways to make it unique and stunning. Some of the trendiest cornrow braid hairstyles include a French cornrow braid hairstyle, multi-braided cornrows, curved, double cornrows and many more. While this hairstyle seems to be not easy to make by one’s own, it is possible to make one even at home.
French cornrow braids look just stunning, especially, with natural makeup. This hairstyle can catch everyone’s attention at the party, at work and so on. One must say that French cornrow braid hairstyle is one of the gorgeous hairstyles for African women.
Multi braided cornrows look stylish and creative on everyone. This hairstyle implies mixing multiple braiding styles. You can mix the centre braid with double side strands in many various ways. This awesome hairstyle can be worn for every season.
Two braid cornrow hairstyle is another trendy hairstyle. It shows two thin or thick braids which creates a little childish but cute look. You can even make a double cornrow hairstyle putting together not two but four strands. It looks simply gorgeous. It is considered one of the most trendy braided hairstyles for this summer.
If you want something especially unique and creative, consider curved cornrows hairstyle. This hairstyle consists of large and small strands. You need to curve them across each other. For example, four bigger lines are separated by two smaller lines. The curved cornrows hairstyle looks like a loop that does not end. It communicates eternal beauty these braids can give you.

Braided crown

Every woman or girl can adorn herself with a braid crown to leave everybody around breathless and speechless. A braid crown hairstyle can bring you to the next level creating a stylish look. To make a braid crown, you need to connect two long thick strands (with threads) as well as a thin braid split along the hairline. You can also complement this hairstyle topping it off with an actual crown.

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Another option is a braid crown made of tiny cornrows braided around the head. The truth is you can make any design you want working around your creativity to find your favourite braided crown hairstyle.
Fulani inspired braids

Box braids

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If you prefer not complicated but still stylish hairstyles, then box braid hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle will probably not suit everyone, but it is just perfect for young people. The style differs from classic braid hairstyle as to make box braids you need to divide the hair on the scalp into small squares. The box braids form a box-like shape. This hairstyle is timeless as it is one of the oldest African hairstyles that gained enormous popularity. While many people think that the box braids belong to the past reminding of the 80s, there is nothing wrong about it – some hairstyles remain popular forever. Even today many African and African-American women choose the box braids as the hairstyle number one for everyday life and special occasions.
There are so many various ways of how you can style your box braids, and they are all stunning. The thing is you need to pick different hairstyles, try them out and choose those you love the most. So, why not try box braid hairstyle?
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