The traditional leader made this known on Wednesday, stating that without ‘Ifa’, Google would not have been created.

According to him, ‘Ifa’ is a form divination which is all about sourcing for information and knowledge through traditional consultation.
He went on to state that Google is regarded as the modern way of sourcing for past information and future occurrence.

He said ‘Ifa’ which originated several thousands of years ago and is seen as the voice of the almighty God referred to as ” Orisa Oke”, a supreme being above other lesser gods.
”Without ‘Ifa’, there could never have been google, so it is the modern-day version of ‘Ifa’ . ‘Ifa’ is all about information, getting knowledge from the Almighty God.
“Whenever you  search the google for information or knowledge, you are consulting ‘Ifa’; and without ‘Ifa’, there would not have been google.”
The Ooni of Ife explained that the modern day youths can know the date of any important event by searching for it from Google.
‘That is part of the functions that Ifa’ does for its believers and followers; that is the truth but it may sound strange,” he said

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