Personality of the week is a program created by our team to highlight the leadership and contribution of individual that are making a great impact in the community. Today's Bossmeek Media Blog Personality Of The Week is Oladeji Akinkunmi Olaitan,A Singer, song writer and Music Performer Who's on a project of releasing his latest single on October 5 2019 with the aim of backing it up with a Campus Tour.
Bossmeek Media Presents Its Personality Of The Week.

Good day , it is good to sit with you for some chats, how are you doing?

 Yes is good to a have a chat.. and thanks for asking, I'm doing just fine

Can we know you sir?

Definitely, my names are Oladeji AKinkunmi Olaitan better known as SMOLLZ. I'M a singer, songwriter and a music performer

What drew you to the music industry?

The love i feel when a create or make music on my own influenced my drive
Who are you inspired by?

Phil Collins, Wande coal and 2face

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?’

 Trying to get my music out in the most proper way to reach that desired audience

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Nothing... you just need to understand how the cards are played to be in the game

If am getting you are you saying you have series of cards on ground that you want to play?

Lol... All am getting at is that there's really nothing to change... i little bit of focus on our distribution process and royalties can really make a good impact

Any Plan for now? Information got to us that you are planning something big.

Its not going to be a big of a surprise anymore once i let the cat out of the bag na will it ? All i can testify to is that the  most of our A-list acts are done and we need a new game. I can only see a few in that  new move
Yes something big, new and birth with maturity is what my new project is about.. The new release is titled "ADA ADA" The song, ADA ADA  is an Afro pop uptempo track, with the desire to celebrate every african woman in all arcades. "Every woman is sweet in thier own individual way, you cant find a woman the same. Love the one you get the chance to love and do it well without conditons because no woman, no life this time" Choose love over violence on our women, at least if not more our special ones desries them". That's what you I preach in my new project and am trying as much as possible to get all right minds on it

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

I do collaborations definitely, every artist does. Time only tell when an artist is right for a collaboration.. all other things we jus happend once the artist itself it ready for it

Really can't wait for this song to drop, I think this is just another version of Wonder Woman

Might just a bigger song than Wonder Woman

Wow! Are u planning on taking this beyond your horizon?

On arrangements to make this beyond any body's horizon

Can you tell us more about taking  this beyond your horizon?

Am working for a good reach of digital distribution and have been able to influence working with the one of the most prominent promoters in Nigeria on this.. so i can only hope for the best of the turn out

With this big plan, how are you coping being a musician and a student at the same time?

Am done already this year.. a student of theater and media arts

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

He/she should always believe in what they vision for... go at any length to make it happen... ita rough, not smooth but it will definitely be worth it

Follow him on instagram @smollzwyna  

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